TFSD GT Competitions
Building Competitions will be held where there are at least 10 competitors.  We will compare the top building scores to determine district winners.  Prizes may vary.
Competition Name Source Materials Practice Materials How to Compete Test Dates
American Challenge The Words Anthem, Pledge, Preamble   Song
Capitals   States 50 States That Rhyme    Presidents Mnemonics Presidents     Gettysburg Gettysburg blank
Score Card then Building Competitions 3-4
American Sign Language First 100 Signs  A Test on the 1st 100 Signs Visual 3-17
US History Mnemonics 20 Dates to Know Numbers to Letters
Letters to Words & Pictures 
Dates & Events
Give the Dates
Give the Events
Mnemonics Science Math Geography Language... Before starting, challenge 4 friends to do it with you, then decide which mnemonics you will learn.    
Poetry Jabberwocky
Jabberwocky Practice Audio 4-15
Future Problem Solving Step 1-3 Finding Challenges
Finding Solutions
Future Scene
Make a team of five and call Miss Pike at 3766
You will be given a Future Scene to work Steps 1-3  
Spanish 75 Basic Phrases Flash Cards   Exercises Spanish
Score Card
German Basic Phrases Flash Cards  Exercises German
Score Card
Soprano Recorder Major Scales Perform for Parents Recorder
Score Card
Science 26 Bones 
Periodic Table