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How small is an atom?

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How about Learning Spanish?  This site is a great place to start!
Perhaps Sign Language would be more useful to you.  Click here to teach yourself!
If you are in Mrs. Dahlquist or Mrs. Brown's 5th grade class,
click here for advanced work web pages. 

Typing Tutorial

Cheer on your classmates that do good things.
(Scroll down to "Naval Academy 2009" and watch the students in the bleachers.)

Remember to Smile.  It makes you smarter!

Challenge: It is good to start testing your analogy skills. 
Try out this page from WordMasters .

Check out this game.     Test Taking Tips!

Future Problem Solving

Learn the Six Steps with these Power Points

1.Finding Challenges in Fables

2. The Underlying Problem

3. Finding Solutions

4-5. Creating and Applying Criteria

6. Making a Plan


Jr. High

Scenes For Science

Scenes for Language Arts

Scenes for Social Studies

Amazing Amendments



Scenes from The Smithsonian

Scenes from Poetry

A Picture

Dare to Compare

Elementary Students

Story Mapping
Ask Jeeves
Map Quest

"Write on Reader"
Hoagies Kids and Teens

Figure This!
Learn about Sailing
Project Resource Guide
The Ultimate Science Fair Resource

Math Forum 
Math: Fun Brain
A Plus Math
The Seventh Floor

How to Make Date Mnemonics
More Date Mnemonics


Ask Why? (c)Roger von Oech.

High School Students

Looking for Scholarships?

Sparknotes: On-line Study Guides

School for Champions

   Inagural Addresses!

Sun Tzu's Art of War (S.T. Quotes)
36 Strateg

  Dean Kaman  Whackof the Day  Words