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The Twin Falls School District

Geography Bees!


The 2008-2009 Geography Bees 
(Be sure to click on the school for shots of 2009 action.)

Lincoln  -  Mrs. Slagel, January 15, 2009 2:00 Lunchroom
Lincoln’s Champion is Caden. Our Runner-up is Alex.

Sawtooth -  Mrs. Noah January 15, 2009.  3:40 Lunchroom
The winner of Sawtooth’s Bee was River. Sierra was the runner up.  

Morningside - Mrs. Rush, January 15, 2009  Lunchroom
Omar took 1st place with Katelyn being the runner up, out of 16 total contestants.                             

Harrison - Mrs. Schab,  January  15, 2009 Library after school
The winner of Harrison’s Bee was Brad and the runner-up was Gabe .

Oregon Trail - Mrs. Bixler, January 15, 2009 3:40  Library
Caylie in 6th grade won the Bee and James 6th grade was runner up.                                         

Perrine - Mrs. Palmer, January 13 , 2009 3:15  Library 3:30
Bret won and Kathryn was the runner up.                            

The Elementary District Bee  - January 23, 2009 (For District fun only.  Winners of the School Bees take a test to see if they qualify for State.  Brad, Omar, and River will leave Friday for the State competition!)

District Bee Winners Were...Omar and Katelyn.


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